How to make an animated GIF

There are few communication formats with the ability to express feelings and moods so accurately as GIF does. GIFs are visually powerful and easy to consume, being above language barriers. If you’ve been wandering around social media, you’ve probably come in contact with many of them, in fact, they are embedded in main social media keyboards. Read More


How to Batch Resize Images

Size matters. Especially when it comes to online images that you plan to fit on a web page, a social media cover or a .pptx presentation. Big size images can slow down websites and dramatically... Read More


Graphic file formats

Digital images are everywhere around us. They sneak in our mail inboxes, consume memory and space form our devices and waste our time while they load on the websites. Read More



If you are a new guest on our website, you probably have already taken a glance to get to know us a bit and you’ll have realized that we are a free cloud-based service for editing online images in bulk... Read More