How to blur faces in photos

A simple guide on how to automatically blur faces in photos using the Blur Face tool

Jul 17, 2023
iLoveIMG Blur Face

Are you trying to quickly blur faces in photos? The new Blur Face tool from iLoveIMG lets you automatically identify faces and blur the image to protect their identity online.

On top of automatic face blurring, you can also blur out sections of an image that contain sensitive information like number plates or details that may relate to an address or other private information.

Keep reading for a simple guide on how to blur an image with this free online tool.

How to blur faces in photos

Are you wondering how to blur the face of someone in a photo using Canva? Instead of manually editing a photo with apps, use the Blur Face tool to automatically detect and blur faces in seconds.

Face Blur tool 

Here is the guide to blurring faces in photos using the free online tool

The tool provides a crucial solution to privacy issues and identity protection by anonymizing faces, ensuring personal identities remain hidden.

Whether for journalism, ethics, or data security, knowing how to blur faces in photos ensures shared content respects privacy and protects online safety.

  1. Go to Blur Face from iLoveIMG.
  2. Click on Select Images to upload the images you want to blur, or upload via the Cloud with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  3. Select Automatic detection to automatically recognize faces in the image.
  4. Choose between Recommended, Low, and High detection.
  5. Click Blur Face.

Tip: To blur other objects that contain confidential or sensitive information, simply select + Add blur area from the tool settings. Next, drag and resize the blurred section to meet your requirements.

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User the face censor tool and start easily blurring faces in photos

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