Some facts about iLoveIMG

What do we do?

Since 2016 iLoveIMG has provided user-friendly image editing tools that are quick to process with high-quality results.

Who are we?

Based in Barcelona, iLoveIMG is the sister of iLovePDF, a popular service offering millions of users time-saving PDF tools.

Helping millions worldwide

In only two years, iLoveIMG has built a community of millions of users from all over the world, speaks 25 languages and has processed more than 10 million images.

Our tools

Our free toolkit provide users with the software to compress, resize, rotate and convert its images in bulk within seconds.

Ongoing updates

In 2018, we launched a new fully redesigned website that gives users higher file limits, easier workflows, more tools, and a Premium service free of ads.

Edit on mobile

iLoveIMG continues to grow and is ready to achieve its big next step, a mobile app. Coming soon.

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