How to watermark images


With online images being shared and re-shared all over the Internet, it's easy to lose track of the original author. If you want to protect the rights of your online photos, the best way to do it is by watermarking them.

A watermark usually consists of a fainted text or image stamped over the photo and its main function is to prevent your photos from being stolen and used without due credit. With our watermark tool, adding a watermark is a simple and fast process. You can add a watermark to tens of photos within seconds. Learn how to create a subtle watermark to make sure your photos don't take on a life of their own, at least without people knowing they're yours.

  1. Upload your images here
  2. Click the 'Add Text' button to add text
  3. Hit the 'Add Image' button to upload image files
  4. Adjust the size and orientation of your watermark
  5. Lower the opacity and adjust other settings in the toolbar
  6. Click the 'Add watermark' button
  7. Download your watermarked images

Now you know how to provide good protection to your images, without compromising the quality of your work.

Watermark Images